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Thread: Questions about regearing a sport JL manual to 4.56

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    Questions about regearing a sport JL manual to 4.56

    I have a 2018 sport JL 2 doors manual with trac loc anti spin rear differential. The aftermarket parts I have installed are 2'5" inches lift kit, 35/12.5/18 wheels, rock sliders, bumper and a whinch. I will had a rear bumper with tire carrier in the future.

    My jeep feels sluggish, doesn't have much power in 1st when going uphill on trails and barely hits 100km/h in 6 gear. I do not intend to do major off roading or rock crawling

    I am regearing it to a 4.56 ratio and I would like to know if changing the ring and pinion with master install kit will suffice? I was told that I might have to change the differential carrier, possibly front and rear. Also can a Yukon differential be paired up with Dana Spicer ring, pinion and master install kit or does it have to be the same brand?

    Would there be anything else about the axle assembly that will need to be upgraded or would it be better to get a new axle assembly?

    Thank you all in advance.


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    I have manual trans with 35" tires. Could not use 6 gear. I went to 4.88 gears. Now get 6 gear back, better mileage and feels much better than stock with 4.10 gears. I would recommend at least 4.88s if not 5.13s if you are going to regear. Cost lots of coin but is worth it.

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