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Thread: 2018 JLUR sway bar disc motor...OMG!!!!

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    2018 JLUR sway bar disc motor...OMG!!!!

    My SBD motor was deemed bad by dealer. They wont replace under warranty however, because there is evidence it was hit.
    That aside...I bought EVO manual SBD. Love it!!
    Today I thought I would disassemble factory one and maybe fix it. Was shocked at what I found. Less than a year old and less than 10K miles. Fucking pathetic JUNK!!


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    Damn! Looks like the gasket failed. That is pathetic.

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    I've been eyeballing the EVO disconnect. Here lately my swaybar disconnect has been taking longer and longer to disconnect.
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    That's crazy it failed in that little amount of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Looks like a perfect time to upgrade to an EVO No Limits system. Still sucks though.
    I did Eddie, couple of weeks ago. I stated it in second sentence

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    You mentioned that you hit the housing and thus the dealership wouldn't fix. If thats true, that would explain the rust etc no? I mean i dont think your instance shows that its a failure of a design. It works just fine for me for what I do with it. And from inside the cab no less.

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    Do some digging on YouTube. You will see many videos where inside of housing is a rusted mess. There is also plenty of documentation on forums besides this one, where it is talked about. This motor was removed from vehicle after it was hit. No puddles were involved in between that time.
    However previous off roading plenty of puddles or through water excursions occurred. None of which water high enough to come inside Jeep cab, enough to soak motor. Motor and gear section should not be able to allow water inside. Does the engine?, does trans?, does xfer case? Then why disconnect motor? Seems like flaw To Me.

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    It seems mr chinaman is still making very subpar quality....! and FCA QC is not checking)
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    The push button feature on the Rubi bars is sure convenient, but the EVO disconnect is by far more practical. My JL with it is nice and all, but the manual disco I have on my JK allows me to disengage the sway bar whenever I want. I use it all the time in 2wd on backroads and trails where 4wd is not necessary. Honestly if/when mine fails in the JL I will gladly replace it with the manual disco & not even try to have the electric motor replaced.
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