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Thread: LOBSTAH QUEST Part 4 : JL/JT Experience - Old Florida Road Massachusetts

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJL View Post
    Cool video! Makes me miss the fall and the rain.
    Fortunately, we came home to fall and it's still real pretty here. No where near what we saw in New England but still real nice. I'm okay without the rain too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Thanks! Always happy that we can share the fun we have with people like you

    Oh yeah, the rocks were a lot of fun. Just bummed that it was raining so much. In addition to always being on the go, the rain got into our primary camera and caused it to stop working. We had to finish up the day using our iPhone
    Oh man that really sucks. Is that what caused the screen to go out? Iím glad it wasnít like that all week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    For the 2nd half of our 2nd day on Lobster Quest, the Nitto JL/JT Experience presented by KMC Wheels, the good guys from NORA took us out to another awesome trail located in the northwest corner of Massachusetts and it's known as, Old Florida Road. Following along the Hoosac Range and crossing through the Savoy Mountain State Forest, this short but beautiful trail was apparently an old town road that had long since been abandoned and left to deteriorate. While most of the trail was easy for our JT Gladiators and JL Wranglers, there were two notable obstacles that proved to be a real challenge especially thanks to all the rain we'd been getting. Thank goodness we all came prepared with WARN winches! We hope you enjoy seeing all the fun we had.

    A BIG THANKS goes out to Chris Corbett for allowing us to use some of the footage that he got this day.

    We hope you've been enjoyed watching EVO, Synergy, Skyjacker, PSC, JKS, Tactical Off Road, Hi-Lift, all the participants and of course, yours truly taking on some of the fun trails the east coast has to offer. If you haven't done so already, Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

    This video was independently filmed, edited and produced by Cindy and Eddie Oh of WAYALIFE. The opinions and actions of the individuals featured are in no way affiliated with or attributable to Nitto Tire, KMC Wheels, Off Road Evolution or any of the JL/JT Experience sponsors.
    Beautiful colors thanks

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