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Thread: Carpet Removal

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    Carpet Removal

    After a recent storm, my carpet is saturated with about an inch of water in the back seat floor boards. Looks like Iíll be removing the carpet soon... does anyone have any pictures with their carpet reproved? I removed it in my JK and that wasnít bad looking at all...

    Also, I know where the drain plugs are in the front, but where are they in the rear? I know i will fond them when I pull the carpet, but was just wondering....


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    If you get under the vehicle, you can usually look around and see the rubber plug sticking through the tub. Also, look for perforations in the carpet where the plug cutout is. I wouldn't be surprised if some were under the seats so you'll need a light.

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    I removed mine and it looks a lot like the JK. The only issue Iím having is the seam sealer they used on the JL is softer and actually sticks to the floor mats when it warms up leaving a black tar like substance in the bottoms of the mats which then transfers to the carpet when you put it back in. If you have the flap behind the back seat(gap cover on higher models) itís kinda a once removal them youíll need to buy new clips to reinstall. Hope that helps. I removed mine the first week I bought it and just reinstalled it yesterday.

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