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Thread: 4 days at dealership!

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    4 days at dealership!

    Took 4 days for the dealership to do my courtesy oil change, paid tire rotation, steering damper recall...

    4 days to do what I could do in a couple of hours max...

    I picked it up yesterday and as dirty as the damper still is, looks like they didn't even change it!

    I'm still dealing with wandering on the freeway and the dealership refuses to look at any other components as no "error codes" are showing up. Seriously?!?!? they rely on fucking error code to tell them something is wrong??

    I'm pissed at myself for spending this much on the JL by justifying the additional cost as savings on upgraded suspension/shocks/steering/axles, to allow 37's with nothing more than a mild lift and be able to hit the rocks.

    The reality is, i'm going to end up spending just as much as I did on the JK to get the JL up to par or bite the bullet and get an LS in the JK and keep the JL stock..i'm naming the JL "Yama Unko" (very rough translation - mountain shit)
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    Man that sucks... sorry to hear about the bad luck with the dealership!

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    Bad dealerships piss me off. Sorry to hear you're having to deal with lazy incompetent people.

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    Sounds like you need to find a different dealership. A good dealership can make a huge difference, especially when it come to the service department.

    If they didn't install new dampener, then did they even change the oil. I'd be screaming

    I'm lucky, I have a very Jeep friendly dealership which also has a super fantastic service department. I have a JLUR with a Mopar 2" lift and 37" tires. It drives straight and true at all speeds and handles great off road. Anyone can install a lift, but takes a true mechanic to know how to dial it in.

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    On the dealership side, it's amazing how difficult it can be to find competent techs, ones capable of changing oil and steering dampers and capable of not lying to the service manager when they know they forgot to do those simple tasks

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    Why anyone would take their Truck to do anything besides warranty work at a dealership perplexes me... find a good solid indy and stick with that if you don't feel like doing it yourself. Jeep oil changes are as simple as it gets.

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    Sorry to hear that!!! I love ‘making a scene’ in those situations. My wife says I’m really good at it. Best of luck!!!

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