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Thread: Rancho 2” JLU pulling right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camelot View Post
    Did you find out the issue?

    I am considering the 2” lift from Rancho for my JLUR.
    Yes. Sorry I’ve had no time with my current work schedule. Rotated tires, bumped up the castor and still drifted right. I got under and the Jeep and increased the toe in angle just over 1/16 of an inch. Seems to track pretty straight now.

    As far as the lift goes, I would stand behind it %100. Rancho made a great product. I would definitely recommend upgrading for the adjustable shocks. They are fantastic

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    Rancho 2” JLU pulling right

    Thinking about this lift but really like the way the Jeep drives. Had a 2.5” Rock Krawler on my Jk and it road a little rough. Guessing it may have been the 35” MXTs though.

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    Both my 315 stt pros and 37” stt pros have a slight pull to the right. Now idk if that’s just because the design of the tire is influenced more by road crown or if it’s simply the tire design itself.

    Still are a great tire. I recently bought a set of 35” ko2’s to use for dding and most trails I do. Absolutely no pull, so now I know for sure it is the stt’s. I am still keeping them on spare wheels for harder trails.

    There are a few comments around this forum and others about a pull with the stt’s.

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