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Thread: Music in off-road videos 😡

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    I prefer them with music. When I first found WAYALIFE and Project-JK back in 2012 thatís what drew me to Eddie and Cindyís videos over other people making off-road videos on YouTube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOPLESS View Post
    Well said!

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    I do agree too. I was not referring to Wayalife videos. I had just tried but couldn't finish watching what would have been an enjoyable video. The trail was challenging and he had great camera angles including a quality drone that did a good job showing the actual steepness of the climb.

    Unfortunately it was all ruined by this incessantly repeating probably 45 second loop of loud garbage techno. I just couldn't do it. It got me thinking how often music drowned out what I really wanted to be hearing. Even outfits like TFL or Motortrend do it a lot. Why wouldn't I want to hear a V8 screaming through a canyon, or worse, their greatest drag races with 10 cars side by side at wide open and all you can hear is music

    Ok I'm ranting again

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    There are plenty of videos with no music. They are the ones with 100 views at the bottom of the list.

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    the official proof of old age. Someday Samsung or Apple will invent some sort of sound control device on these media devices whereby the controller can modulate the sound to personal preference...someday.

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