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Thread: ARB emu lift

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    ARB emu lift

    Has anyone tried it yet? Its on the expensive side but they usually have some of the better riding spring rates. On the “other forum” people are up in arms because it doesn't come with instructions and seeing as 98% of the people there never owned a jeep before and cant even turn a screw driver they are pissed about it haha.

    Also the bypass shocks look really nice but are in the ballpark of kings. Not sure why youd want to choose them over the kings but ARB makes pretty nice stuff.

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    Lol. First time I've heard of that lift for the JL. Guess I'd better get in line, lol.

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    They had the shocks on display at KOH this year... Had a shock mounted in a jig so you could adjust it and feel the difference in compression and rebound. Seemed neat but I think Kings with adjusters would do the same thing while being serviceable and having a proven track record. The OME shocks looked like they took existing tech and dressed it up to look new and exciting.

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