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Thread: Sport S LED turn Signal Question

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    Sport S LED turn Signal Question

    I have a 2018 JL Sport S with a TazerJL installed. I just replaced the front turn signal bulbs with the Oracle 7443-CK switchback bulbs. I want the turn signals to run as White DRLs and switchback to amber with the turn signals during the day as they do at night when the headlights are on. As it is, if the headlights are off, the turns are off. In the Tazer settings, I set the DRL to USA, and changed the DRL location to turn signals. This turns the turn lights on Amber instead of white. Does anyone know the proper setting to do what I want? Thanks in advance.

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    Have the same lights. Tried with Flashcal. Never did get it to work. Gave up on it. Anxious to see if someone has an answer.

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    Same issue. Switched my location to fogs with my halos on. Interested in an answer. Light company I believe diode dynamic nor tazer had an answer for me when I asked months ago.

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