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Thread: Gas Pedal Issue

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    Gas Pedal Issue

    When I leave the gas pedal the vehicle continues to move forward for at least 2 seconds until it stops
    In another vehicle when you leave the gas pedal the vehicle stops immediately

    Does that happen to you, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Are you saying, when you take your foot off the gas, you're Jeep still accelerates?
    Yes sir

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    More information is needed to understand your situation.

    What do you mean by "stops"? The vehicle moving forward/backward or the engine revving?

    When does this happen:
    After full throttle / half throttle / low throttle or after any pressure on the accelerator pedal?

    Does the accelerator pedal move all the way back to the idle position when you take your foot off of it? Does it stick and the engine revs stay high? Does it return to full idle stop but move back slowly? Do you have to physically move the pedal with your foot to get it back to the idle position?

    Lastly, have you opened or tampered with the accelerator pedal assembly?

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