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Started with the Quake LED 9 Headlights and 4" Fog Lights about 3 weeks taking the Jeep home. Then came the Smittybilt SRC Gen2 Front Bumper - yes I know Smitty bulit has quality issues on some products but I couldn't help myself...I really liked the style of them. 2 months later I'm jonesing to make other modifications, so I say to myself, "Slick new wheels and tires are the way to go." So that uncontrollable spending need resulted in 17x9" KMC XD Holeshot wheels and 33/1250/17 Nitto Mud Grappler tires. So...nowhere on the sites I researched about the Nitto tires mentioned running noise. And I didn't know enough about tires to think about noise (never again). I love the tires, but holy geez if it doesn't sound like a twin-prop plane cruizing down the road, as I drive by. SO I picked up 5 wheels and tires and had them mounted on my jeep - the problem I'd not considered is the max load of the spare tire carrier. So now I begrudgingly (ya right!) am buying a Rugged Ridge Spartacus HD Spare Tire Carrying Kit so I can mount my spare tire. And that will be my last mod for a bit...maybe...i think...probably... awwww who can really say!