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    2 door fun (Bikini)

    Well itís been a while and I procrastinated long enough. What a pain in the ass but Iím glad I waited. Only picture I have is the dealer one. Iíll pick it up on Friday. This is the actual picture though. Really hard to find one with the options I wanted. I also had to beat the crap out of these idiots. These dealers are real assholes. I canít stand a one of them and I did it all by phone and text, just so I wonít have to look at their stupid faces for very long. Anyway. Better pics this weekend. Oh and it will have 37ís on it on the way back up the mountain. I can only stand Denver for a few hours at a time.

    Sorry, this picture sucks.

    Major change. Dealer screwed the pooch! Long story short, same dealer and more optioned JLR for same. Hereís updated pic. Saturday will be better pics. Iím kinda glad they screwed up.
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