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Thread: EVO rear bumper on JLUR rusting!!!

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    Fixed! Thanks fellow jeepers

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    😲 .........

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    EVO rear bumper on JLUR rusting!!!

    Too easy! It just looks like every surface that you scratched with a tool, or just by the parts getting aligned together for final fit during your installation, have very light surface rust. Just get a can of satin black Krylon spray paint, spray some in a plastic cup, use a q-tip or small paint brush, apply Krylon until desired results are achieved. And done!

    ......and thatís your tire carrier, not rear bumper.
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    Did you even bother trying to call them and asking them about it before posting it on social media? Iím sure theyíd be willing to talk to you about your concerns if you just picked up the phone.

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    Looks like normal wear like GCM said just touch it up with some spray paint and it will look good as new.

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    Iíve read about issues such as your on other forums too. Itís sad but I just took it off and had it powder coated at my local powder coating place. IMG_5116.JPGIMG_5115.JPGIMG_5114.JPG

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