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Thread: Bestop Trektop Fully Topless

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    Bestop Trektop Fully Topless


    Iím running a Bestop Trektop on my JL and looking at whether I can remove the top fully without removing the frame (just removing the fabric).

    Has anyone tried removing these torx screws from bar 1? They look like they might accomplish detaching the soft top from the locking part of bar 1.

    I fielded the question to bestop on their support address but havenít gotten any response in two weeks. I imagine itís not supported anyway, but wondering if it works and if others have done it successfully.
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    Iím unsure on the JL since Iím unfamiliar with the new topís mechanisms but Iíve done this many many times on my JKs. Itís a little more work to be fully topless but definitely worth it if you are going to be able to be stripped down for a few days.

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