Howdy Ya'll from Houston, Texas. Have never owned a jeep before but will be purchasing a new Wrangler JLU Rubicon soon. I'm debating on several things right now as I am doing research to ensure that I get the best deal possible. Should I wait for the 2020s in hope that most of the wrinkles that came on the JL are ironed out by then??? Should I go for the new 3.0 turbo diesel or is the 3.6 more than adequate??? I've also read to make sure to have the dealership install the 2 inch Mopar lift kit and 35 inch tires before finalizing the purchase and driving it off the lot. I plan on going on a cross country overland, off road, camping adventure as soon as possible after purchase and would love recommendations on places that are noobie and kid friendly. I will also have my 2 young sons, age 8 and 9, with me. Have not yet chosen a dealership. Any other advice will be tremendously appreciated. Thank you.