Well, after much debate and a co-woker offering a super deal on his Breckenridge condo we decided to do Colorado again. I know, horrible....Not.

3 Nights In Telluride
5 nights in Breckenridge

Been a few years since we have been to Telluride and I am looking forward to Imogene Pass, Black Bear, and maybe this year Poughkeepsie Gulch and some fantastic pizza at Brown Dog in Telluride (Detroit style is unbelievable).

Around Breckenridge will hit the North and Middle Forks of the Swan River trail. Love those trails and they are really underrated. Fantastic scenery, fun trails with a little challenge and you get to see the Man Goats. Probably do Wheeler Lake again, first time last year and loved it.

Fill me in on Red Cone and Webster Pass. We still have not done those two yet and they are oh so tempting.