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    The Powertank kit is unnecessary. You can build your own kit cheaper. You need a tank, regulator, a length of high pressure hose, a chuck and a no-loss gauge / charging manifold (the most expensive component).
    For my shock nitrogen setup, I use a small tank from Harbor Freight, an adapter to a CO2 regulator, and a stainless hose that I found it on a clearance shelf at a welding store, and a regular push-on chuck. The adapter was needed because I think it was an oxygen tank, if I remember correctly (it was many years ago I set it up).

    For normal filling, I don't use a no-loss gauge assembly. I generally set the regulator to the pressure I need and just push the chuck on the valve stem. I've done it with the no-loss gauge and it didn't make a difference. And I've checked the pressure with the no-loss gauge, and it was about the same as the pressure indicated on the regulator. So for down and dirty, you don't really need the no-loss gauge setup.
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