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Thread: QTP AR3 mufflers?

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    QTP AR3 mufflers?

    Is anyone familiar with the Quick Time Performance AR3 mufflers? I just found this company for the first time, and they have a rock crawler system for the JL. I can't find one single discussion or a video of it on a Jeep. I might just be crazy, but I'm hoping it might be an option for us kind of like the Quiet Crawler system on the JK. They even mention sound restriction compliance on their web page. I'm probably just dreaming.

    2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880.

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    Quick Time Performance just posted a video of their AR3 Rock Crawler exhaust on their YouTube page. It's really hard to judge from one video, but the tone does sound relatively mellow during startup and idle. Volume is even harder, because theirs does seem to project during the acceleration portion of the video.

    At this point, I'm basically debating between either this one or the Pypes High Ground Clearance Touring system.

    2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880.

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