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this thing is amazing!
It really is - so much want!!

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Very nice the Gladiator looks awesome thanks for taking us along.
So glad that we could share this with you

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WOW, now thatís what a Jeep truck should be able to do! That thing hooks up.
With a bit of lift and bigger tires, yeah, it can do just about anything

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I love this build so much! Such an awesome rig and way to go with a base model and axle swap/40s for the price! I think a Rubicon and 37s will be good enough for me though.
Awesome footage as well Eddie and Cindy! I cant wait to see you guys build one up! Going to go the same route or get a Rubicon?
Honestly, I think 37's and on a Rubicon is a great setup and all that most will ever need. I'd like to get a Rubicon if I can as I like all the features it comes with but after seeing this build, I might be okay with a Sport S. Either way, I'll get what I can so long as it's sooner than later.

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Such a sick Jeep! Looks awesome!
Gives you the I wants for sure

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Fuck that is clean
It really is and it was fun to drive too

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that is 1 awesome truck. great work EVO . now I either stop watching Eddie and Cindy's videos. ( never gonna happen, best jeep videos out there!!) or time for me to get a second and third job so I can build one of these.
So glad to hear you enjoy our videos