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Thread: ANOTHER hardtop lift - parts list made easy

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    ANOTHER hardtop lift - parts list made easy

    So I already have a hoist mounted to a trolley/I beam in my shop. Decided to make an easy lift system and will build a rolling stand later to store it.
    What you’ll need:
    (2) 8’ flat webbing straps (Amazon)
    (2) 4’ rings (Menards/hardware store)
    (1) steel strut bar (or perf boxed steel) cut to
    (4) seatbelt strap padding protectors (Walmart)
    (1) threaded eye loop with nuts/washers
    (1) padded blanket (protect hard top from metal strut bar
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    The strut bar I had was 48”, but there was no hole centered. So I found the center hole and cut the bar to 46”. Attach the eye bolt with washers/nuts and tighten down. Lay the blanket over top of the hard top and set the bar assembly centered over the rear windows. Attach the 4” rings on the ends. Run the 2 straps OVER the roll bar and under the hardtop. Slide the seatbelt protectors over the strap and place at front and rear window contact areas (not pictured bc I hadn’t bought them yet). Loop ends will just connect to the rings (8’ was perfect). Hook up lift and just raise off Jeep and make sure it’s balanced.
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    Now drive away and lower the hardtop onto a stand/etc. I just set mine on the shop floor until I build a rolling stand. Found an idea from someone else. I know this won’t work for others, but I thought the parts list might help someone.

    I found a new in box JL softtop on Craigslist from a guy who traded his in after he got a 2018 JLU with all the frame/mount weld issues. Jeep on and Happy EJS to all those headed out to Moab!!
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    Nice, easy, low cost and safe system.

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    Im just curious, what was the build out cost for this minus the overhead winch?

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