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Thread: JL JOURNAL : SYNERGY Heavy Duty Tie Rod / Drag Link / Stabilizer Relocation Install

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdofmemi View Post
    Great news. Thanks for the info.

    Off to the dealer next week then. I will post up how that goes.
    Would love to hear how it goes. I literally found out about it a day after doing this install - not that I would expect any dealership to warranty a worn out TRE on my drag link though

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    I’d also be interested to see how your trip to the dealer went. I would imagine it all depends upon what they’re going to swap out the OEM drag link with...another OEM? Thanks.

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    Installed the Synergy HD tie rod and drag link on my JLUR and love it. F4EF1CE1-4FE9-4D6E-815E-F4D58E20EB80.jpg

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