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Thread: Wind noise after wheelin

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    Wind noise after wheelin

    So I did some pretty extreme off roading on Sunday. Well yesterday all the sudden I started getting a loud wind/air noise. Iíve had the Jeep for just over a year never had this problem. Starts when I hit 40mph and above. Seems like itís coming somewhere in the info system vicinity. Center console. Checked windshield, top, doors and everything looks good. Read online that it could be a number of things. Weather seal on windshield Thereís foam that separates certain areas from others that could have shifted. And then thereís the firewall that separates the engine from the inside of the car. There could be wind coming in through there. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem.
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    After we ran Top of the world in Moab the drive to Colorado I noticed some wind noise coming from the top front where the windshield meets around the top and door. Reset the freedom panels and didnít fix it.

    So I just unbolted the windshield and cleaned everything and bolted back down and it went away.

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    Wind Noise

    I have same problem with my new Sahara JL 2018, contacted my dealer, supposed to take it back this week and let you know. Thank you

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    Clean your seals & thereís stuff you can put on them. Give it a shot.

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