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Man that thing really soaked up the bumps! Long wheelbase for the win! Cant wait to get my hands on one!
A long wheel base has it's drawbacks on the rocks but driving hard and fast in the desert, that's where it really shines

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Whats not to like.? Its a real truck, but goes like a Jeep. All it needs is at least 37 inch tires! Great video.
Even with 35's, I think it looks and performs great.

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Pretty impressive what it can do just out of the box. With mods it should be a hell of a capable rig.
It really is impressive and this is just a Sport

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After taking part in the JLX and being super impressed with the JLs improvements over the JKs, I was about to buy a JL and start the build process over.... However, after 6 days in a JL with Mel, and nearly every day him saying I am telling you, wait for the JT.... Its pretty inevitable that a Jeep Truck will be sitting in my driveway.
LOL!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours

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Dammit, nobody told me to wait for the JT.
The JT is really nice but far from a replacement of the JL. I'm still happy with mine but dying to get a JT.