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Thread: KMC XD231 Prices

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    KMC XD231 Prices


    i'm looking for good price for the
    KMC XD231 RG Race Series Wheel 17x8.5" - 5x5" Bolt Pattern, 4.75 Backspacing - Machined

    so far i found in

    the price is 328$

    In other places
    Prices were 426$
    The question is why there is a big difference in price
    Have you found cheaper?


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    Thank you
    I'll make an order through him

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Off Road Evolution works closely with KMC and they probably just get a better deal with them.
    The area you live in looks amazing (Carson City)
    There must be a lot of challenging places for jeep tours

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