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Thread: purchase JL 3.6 2018

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    purchase JL 3.6 2018

    I am looking to purchase Rubicon JL 2018
    With extras like bumpers, noise insulation
    Please guide me where to find

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    Jeep dealership?

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    purchase JL 3.6 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by DNorman View Post
    Jeep dealership?

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    Iíd say this is solid advice! They have tons of options like different colors, and engine choices, and a few bumper choices as well. Iíve never seen the noise insulation option though.

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    I'm not a local
    In my country they sell cars from private people
    And not through dealers
    It is possible to get names of dealers who can be trusted

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    Dealers in the US or dealers in Israel?

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    Dealer in USA
    I intend to do personal import
    Because in Israel they do not sell the engine 3.6
    only the 2 Liter

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    Try Nissan.

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    My dream is rubicon...

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    I bought via import dealer in my country, germany, becaus I wanted the us version. I could have done all the paper work myself, if I knew what I needed and if I wanted to spend a whole lot of time with local offices - I did not want to, so I bought the complete package and just picked up the key fob and papers.

    You could "just" check everything you need to import a vehicle, how to get it on the road legally, buy one in the US or Canada and ship it in a container.
    A bunch of work and you really have to know what you are doing, but if you do, you have your dream jeep

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    Thanks for the support
    Indeed, the dream is slowly approaching

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