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Thread: Stock Rubicon

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
    All you who are critical of some ones writing skills save your breath. We donít want to hear it if thatís you contribution reconsider it. Some of us actually learned to type on type writers. Look it up . So using these little key boards are a pain because they donít match older key boards. And they put periods and other stuff where you donít want or need them. This is about jeeps not paragraph. Construction.

    As for wheeling a stock rubicon of course you can. Thatís the beauty of the beast My last jku was a rubicon and I spent $$$ on it but it was very capable. My new jlur is just as capable actually more so bone stock. So all I have done is throw on 315 70 17s. With no lift. I Will add some olights and a super winch. And done.
    The point is of course you can wheel your stock rubicon. Or any jeep for that matter.
    some ones 11111111111111111111111

    yep, ones do not have writing skills

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJL View Post

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    LOL. I thought the same thing!
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    Dice 23 - Youíre a breath of fresh air. I love reading your post especially the way you made everybodyís head explode. Are agree with your thoughts regarding the Rubicon. Iíve had many jeeps Iím honestly kind of tired of all of the shit that goes wrong with lifting re-gearing and generally screwing up the right of the vehicle. The cool thing about the jeep life is that we can all have our own point of view of how to setup our Jeep and the end of the day or should I say at the end of the trail we can all sit around the campfire have a beer and laugh

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