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Thread: Try running non-ethanol gas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobycarolanNC View Post
    Iím no science-tician but Iím on my 3rd tank & my mpg meter it up as is my skinny pedal stomping. Iím sold.
    Makes sense. There is less energy in a given volume of ethanol than in gasoline.
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    Iíve always been told that ethanol contains about 20-25% less energy by volume. In a standard non performance engine pure gasoline will always outperform an ethanol mixture and you should see better mpg and likely hp.

    The perk with ethanol is it is cheaper than gas and why its mixed it with most available gas. It also essentially has a higher octane rating so it boosted applications it begins to outperform gas because you can run higher pressures without knocking.

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