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Thread: Budget Upgrade

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    I have found Roam to be very easy to work with. Yes, they are not able to keep up with demand, but at least they will not take your money until they can ship your product. I liked them on Facebook and have used Messenger many times to get updates from them. When they had the front bumper ready, They shipped it and I had it withing a couple days, When they had the side steps ready, they hit me up through Messenger, and I paid for them and they shipped them right out. Like I said, I am waiting on their rear bumper, and Roam hit me on Messenger yesterday and said that the frame mounted rails are holding them up.

    I wish them the best and if I have to wait a while to get the bumper, it will be ok as while I want it, it is not a need until later in the spring when I will start the more rugged off roading.

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    I to am waiting on the rear bumper, yes they have rear bumpers now but I donít need one with a spare carrier so Iím good on waiting as well, Iím hoping rear looks as good as my front bumper that I currently have
    My insurance company asked me if my Jeep was modified and of course I said no...

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