I'm so glad this post got bumped up today. I had the same ESS fault issue after installing the Mopar aux switch bank a couple weeks ago. After reading your post, I checked the orange wire and figured out I had the same loose connection. Fixed it and the fault went away. Like you, the ESS seemed to be the only thing affected, so I guess if you don't like ESS and don't mind the fault, clip that orange wire!

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NOTE: It turned out the ESS fault was not due to not being programmed for aux it was a loose connection I found by going back over my work. Seems the Orange jumper in the new plug wasnít making a good connection. Since that was the only problem I encountered if you wanted to disable your ESS that will do it. Finally unlike the factory installed aux switches the kit only has 4 wires that tuck behind the kick panel and each is labeled Aux1 thru 4. I believe the factory install set has 6 wires and no labels. I believe for the $200 I spent and the few hrs of work done it was worth it. I believe as a factory option it would have been better and cost more as a factory option however you get the upgraded alternator and the tow package. Which for me is in work for me. Overall I know more about and where the fuses and connections are if future problems arise and I know now how to do it all again if necessary.

Also, I took it to the dealer for programming and they took care of it for free. The ESS fail didnít show up as any code for the dealer they had no clue as to what was up with it. I thought it was strange that it kicked no codes anyway when I got back home I rechecked my work and found the loose connection. I have a feeling ESS is going to kick their ass for a while until they have seen more fails. Especially if It doesnít kick any codes or maybe I got lucky and found the one place you can disconnect it and not have a code. The mechanic didnít even notice the ESS disabled light when he took it back to the garage.