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Thread: JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 4 | Cinder Hills to the Grand Canyon

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    Quote Originally Posted by GCM 2.0 View Post
    “Keep it Tight” was a really great week of wheeling. There were a lot of future, close and long friendships built during that week. I still laugh because Falken Tires had their professional Motorsports film crew of at least four camera guys out there......and then there was Eddie and Cindy. One has to drive, the other has to film. And just look at what they did then, and they are still using that same recipe!

    Me and Eddie at what is pretty much the gate keeper of Carnage Canyon. Notice all of his filming equipment?

    Attachment 8199

    The final obstacle and climb out of that canyon. Look at the top left corner and you see Wayalife film crew member 1 running to get the shot with all his gear, Wayalife film crew member 2 is driving the Jeep. I think there is a Falken film guy in the top right. Edit: the guy sitting cross legged in the top center of photo (Mel), he’s actually on the last obstacle which is a huge boulder that is a mandatory winch up and over. Buggies even winch out of this

    Attachment 8200

    ....and here’s the other film crew, one on each side of the Jeep wearing a falken vest. A bunch of people, a bunch of gear, which resulted in a sub par product.

    Attachment 8201
    HAHA - that's great! In the craziest of ways, having the Falken crew was a godsend to us being that they coordinated so many stops to film. Every time they got out to setup, Cindy or I did too. In a big way, it is because of them that we were able to get the footage we got

    Without question, still one of our most favorite trips

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    We pretty much only watch things on Prime, Netflix and YouTube, and Keep It Tight is in our family watch rotation. Watching you guys wheel through the trails in our backyard is really pretty cool. Just watched PNW again the other day... how on Earth did Mel get out of that hole after grabbing the sweatshirt?

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