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Thread: Rugged Ridge Phone Mount

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    Well, I ordered one last night. I guess I'll see how it holds up. I'm excited to drive my Jeep in snow today.


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    I got my Rugged Ridge phone mount and used it on my trip to MO. The install was very simple and I swapped out the phone holder with a wireless charger for my iPhone. It worked great and the only complaint is the GoPro doesnít fit in front of the phone without tilting it up quite a bit. It hits the windshield. I opted to mount it next to the phone in the tray. I plan to install a ram mount for the camera. However I was able to get a good over the hood view in front and I felt like the phone was in a good location for easy backup navigation or phone camera shots. The usb cord for the CarPlay connection drops in front of the radio so I routed the cable behind the o shit bar and that solved that. Now where to store change? I tried the pockets and they worked but I know trail riding I will just loose it all if stored there..maybe a change pouch anyway I hope this helps someone decide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rellik View Post
    I run a 67 designs mount in my jkur and love it. This RR mount is not the same quality as the 67 designs but...its no where near the same price point either. For the $$ I think its a decent mount. If money were no object i would buy the 67 designs mount
    I went 67d as well and love it.

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