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Thread: So what tire pressure do you run everyday city/highway and light trails?

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    - stock JLUR with 33' KO2s, no bead locks
    - 38-40 on highway
    - 12-15 on trail/gravel roads
    - 6-8 on snow. It was a one time thing but have allowed me to flow on a 1.5 meter deep snow packed mountan road. It was quite an experince on its own! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    My 2019 JLUR had BFG muds LT255/75/R17 and the sticker on the door says the pressure should be 37 psi

    Iíve gone bigger with BFG K02 LT315/70/17 so what pressure should I use?

    Basically gone from 32Ē to 35Ē

    Iíve googled etc and find everyone is different....Iíve seen as low as 28 and as high as 45. Iím guessing 35 should be about right.

    Any views?

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    I use the 4 psi method and I've had good luck with it over the years. It takes a little work, but the benefits of tire life, mpg, and ride comfort is worth it.The goal is to have 4 psi over the target air pressure, after 20 mins of highway driving. So with BFG 265/70R17 KO2's, cold psi is 32. After 20 mins of driving, the correct at temperature air pressure is 36 psi. Depending on the tire size, the target air pressure will change. If the tire is underinflated, the total at temperature air pressure will not be more than 4 psi. compared to the cold psi you started with. If the tire is overinflated, the total at temperature air pressure will be less than 4 psi. compared to the cold psi. you started with. Also you'll need a real air gauge. Check out Longacre 52-53036. I learned with my new JL, the Tpms sensors are very accurate. Hope that helps you guys.

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