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Thread: 3.6 or Turbo

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    I just bought a 2019 Rubicon with the 2.0l, loved the it drove and after having had over 8 turbo powered cars in the family over the years, not one ever had a turbo related issue, I feel good with choice, time will tell

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    Hi all, I am a new poster to the forums and thought this may be the place to share. I currently own a 2015 JK Sport and in November I ordered a JL Rubi. The jeep showed up at the dealership last week and I like it a lot. The JK was in a wreck (4th wreck) I have three teen age boys and I don't think I am going to try and rehab it. I decided to go buy another new Jeep and the entirety of the inventory was the 2.0. The dealership I do business with is River Oaks Jeep in Houston and they are the largest dealer in Texas and they claim to be one of the five largest by volume dealers in the US.

    The dealership says that they can't get the 3.6 without having a customer special order them. If I want a 3.6, I have to order the Jeep and the factory is telling them the wait could be up to 3 months.
    The reason for this is because that is the engogoing into the JT. I ordered my JL with the 3.6 and was told 6-8 weeks.

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