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Thread: Road stripe paint

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    I'd go with the clay bar and/or WD-40 to remove the road paint from body of the Jeep. It'll take some work, but it will come off. I'd also put a fresh coat of wax on after your done.

    As for the fender well. That's actually easier. Spray some Easy-Off (oven cleaner) on it, let it sit a few minutes and then wipe the paint off. I guess it's more like scrub it off, but it will take paint of plastic. Now the disclosure part. DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR PAINT, but that should go without saying. If you're using it to remove paint it should be obvious you don't want it on paint you want unharmed.

    Anyway the point is, it does work to remove paint from plastic. My wife painted some trim pieces on her Renegade, that she later decided she wanted to do differently. After a little Easy-Off and elbow grease they looked just like they did from the factory. Another note is she wanted me to tell you was to make sure you wear rubber gloves. I guess it's pretty rough on the skin if you don't.
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    I drove thru some of that dang road stripe paint with my brand new 2012 JK a few years ago. I got lots of advice on how to get it off and tried lots of things that didn't work. Then a friend told me to use clay bar and he even spent most of a day helping me get it off. Then wax afterward. It worked beautifully. It looked good as new and I was happy again.

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