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I was able to stop by Dynatrac today and pick up my new lift kit. I have to say that these guys were great! They were very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and laid back but still very attentive. Eric and Tony walked me around Code 1 and let me drool a little. Tony gave me a ride in the red JL that you all probably saw on the Wayalife video. WOW!!!! As we turned out of the first driveway and had no head lean, I was already smiling from ear to ear. Then we drove around and he showed off a little.
This lift is great!!! Minimal body lean, tight around turns without being to stiff, and it takes the bumps like a champ. Itís not a half a million dollar trophy truck but for most of us that are staying somewhat sane with our builds, this is a great every day lift. I really like that it is a true 2Ē lift and not like the 3-3.5Ē lift that Mopar is pushing. Perfect for those of us that are wanting to continue running 35s with our new Rubiís.

Thank you Tony, Eric and Corey for spending some time with me today and making this a great memory.

And another big Thank You to Eddie and Cindy (Wayalife/JLWrangler) for putting this contest together.
Have a blessed evening all!

Nice line up!

The camera really does add 50#s

My new green bag is legit!

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That's awesome and congrats again.