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Thread: I decided to go with AEV - Borah Wheels

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubletapdaddy View Post
    JL5009 - were you ever able to get your halos activated?
    Well, after trying endlessly to get hold of the actual harness to have the factory Halos activated which is (Impossible) as its constantly on backorder.*

    Here is what I will be doing, I have a feeling this will end up being better then the original halos deactivated.

    I just placed an order on the JEEP JL ORACLE LED HEADLIGHT SURFACE MOUNT HALO KIT and will tap them into the side DLRs.*

    So once they arrive I'll have them installed and upload the before and after pics.

    So hopefully they will arrive next week and I'll install them on my JL and share the feedback.

    You guys are lucky having a simple option available

    Only in a Jeep will your truly feel the freedom in any trail..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JL5009 View Post
    Just got the protection rings for the wheels and this is what they look like installed.

    Now if you wanted to paint them you could, I was thinking of maybe down the line paint them in red.

    Attachment 6081Attachment 6082

    Only in a Jeep will your truly feel the freedom in any trail..
    Yup. That made up my mind. Iím definitely getting them.

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