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Thread: SHINY or BLACK : Aftermarket Jeep Wheels Survey

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    Iím going shiny on my Punkín 2 door sport. Most likely Mickey Thompson Classic 3ís.

    Almost every Jeep I see with aftermarket wheels in my area has black wheels. I want mine to stand out. Also, I feel like the polished Classic 3ís are kind of timeless styling.. where as all these wild spokes and machined lips/faces with look dated much sooner.

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    old school shiny

    I tried black wheels 1st on my JK but they just looked bleh... some of the newer styles look ok but still....

    just ain't right if your wheels don't shine

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    Color Dependent

    Black with all colors except the blacks and greys.

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    I myself prefer satin or some other polished aluminum finish over black. Wheels are important to the overall look of a vehicle so why not dress it up since there is sometimes little price difference between the two these days.
    Below are two wheels I am currently considering for my 2019 Sahara UL. Just giving you a little food for thought . .

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    "Shiny" But its more about how shiny and bright than simply shiny vs black. Mostly I prefer a brighter wheel and not any type of all chrome wheel or all black wheel and tire. An all black wheel and black tire without any white lettering on the sidewalls just looks like a large round dark mass in a wheel well to me. Even an all exposed aluminum wheel can look bright and have a more satin or just machined look without the polished mirror like finish of the old days. I do like the contrast look of the machined aluminum wheels with darker un-machined areas as good as a bright all exposed aluminum wheel, but I do not like any of the all black wheels. If you haven't noticed already, I'm an old school car guy so I'm certainly not being objective in my opinion lol.

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    On old Jeeps I clearly prefer polished aluminum, just fits these rigs. On the modern ones as JK and JL/JT its got to look beefy, IMO the standard rubicon JL wheel is one of the best looking with black and brushed aluminum. Too shiny or bright is just as boring (for my taste) as all black or one tone dark. But those Teraflex Nomads in Titanium look badass, too. Its all about the combo of colour and geometry....and personal taste of course.
    Too sad I cannot use my Rubicon wheels for 35s in the future, not legal here, really a shame

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    We have the best of both worlds on our Jeep!IMG_8968.jpg

    It's not just a Jeep, it's an amusement park on wheels.

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