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Thread: LEAKED CAD Drawing of the all new JT Scrambler!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwalt View Post
    Used to off-road a gen one 4-runner that had about the same rear overhang running 33" tires, thing got hung up easily on rocks and ledges. I guess I could push the rear axle back some to reduce the exit angle then make the rest up with even larger tires. Or your right and I stick with a 4 door jl

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    If you try to offroad in this new jeep pickup you'll get hung up in a back and you will be high centered the middle... The point of a short wheelbase Jeep is for Hills and Valleys,this pickup truck I don't think it's going to be very off-road friendly. It's a wheelbase thing.... 20171228_172309.jpg

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    I am hoping for a two door option with a shorter wheelbase and same bed...I would definitely be in at some point (oh no, good bye Brute...)

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