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Thread: dbltap's Mojito! JLUR

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    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Maybe you guys could join us for Holy Cross. She could drive and you could ride along.
    Maybe I'll just sleep in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubletapdaddy View Post
    I've got my wife driving on obstacles mainly because I don't trust her spotting. Lol. Truth be told though, she's got nerves of steel.
    Lol that's awesome. my wife has actually become pretty decent at spotting as she doesn't love off camber situations so she's jumped out alot. She still needs to get used to that whole steel scraping over rock sound though lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubletapdaddy View Post

    Thanks! Any further plans for yours this summer? Beadlocks?

    No for now I’m going to let the 8”wheels take care of most of that. I ordered the Warn Zeon8s to add to my bumper. That’s prolly it other that the EVO trackbars and maybe a tailgate reinforcement. I’m going to run Eddies stinger wheeling to keep stuff away from the tire. Would love to see you at Holy Cross if you can go. About time I meet you guys.
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