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Thread: UP-SIZED - JL Wrangler Rubicon to come with 33" TIRES!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJL View Post
    Probably too early to know but you think the factory wheels will have less backs pacing to allow larger tires without spacers or more like the Jk?

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    I seriously doubt they will have less back spacing as that would push the center line of the wheel outward and cause additional wear on the ball joints and unit bearings. What I would hope for is the JL having wider axles to allow for bigger tires, kind of like what we did with Rubicat and her XD60. Certainly, the JK has wider axles than the TJ so it's a possibility.

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    With the higher fenders, larger starting tires, and wider axles, I'm really hoping it's as simple to clear 37's as a bunch of trimming and a budget boost.

    The real question I have... Is the new steering box the same, better, or worse than the JK stock box?

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