Anybody looking forward to the release of the tires this summer?

Ever since we got stuck in the mud with our AT KO2s, I've been considering swapping tires. We mostly drive on the street but hit some woodsy trails with mud every couple months or so.

The tires I was considering are: BFG MT, Duratracs, Cooper STT pro & KM3s.

BFG MT: Our 2018 JKRR had the BFG MTs and they weren't too loud when new on the road. I've had these on our F150 and know that over time, you can hear the from a few blocks away. They did well in shallow mud and in a straight line in the snow.

Duratracs: we have these on our TJ & F150. These are the best all around tires, including snow, I've ever had. They do reasonably well in mud unless it gets too thick & sticky.

STT Pros: a lot of people love the Coopers. Still high on my list.

KM3: It looks like BFG took a page from Goodyear's book when designing these. The pattern isn't an exact match but they took the Duratrac concept and made their own version. I'm not sure these are going to work as well in the mud as the previous version. My guess is that they will perform similarly to the Duratracs.

Opinions? Is anybody here thinking of giving these a try?

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