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That's normal for the Mopar filter to be contorted like that. Go to Wal Mart and open a few of them. I opened three and they were all that way. If someone has one that is not contorted, then it likely came from an alternative supplier, or they are not consistent. I strongly suspect the Mopar is made by Purolator, as theirs are identical in every way. It really should not be a problem, although it does look abnormal.

I run a Fram Ultra Guard. It filters better, longer, and the pleats are backed by a metal framework. It is rated to 20,000 miles and will come out as straight as new. It has a rating of 99% filtration of particles down to 20 microns, which is best in the industry. Even the Mobil 1 filter, which is constructed the same way as the Fram Ultra Guard, doesn't filter that well, at 99% filtration down to 30 microns. The Mobil 1 filter is a very good option, too, but runs about 15 bucks, versus the Fram's 12. Another great option, for probably around 6 bucks is a basic Fram. There are some other good fiters out there, too.

If you don't want to sweat over it, just keep running the Mopars. They'll do fine and that 3.6 should last a very long time with them. The good news is that you can look the filter over after each oil change and really see how it holds up.
That would be news to me and really, the first time I have EVER seen the pleats contorted that badly coming out of an engine unless it were the wrong one. While they're not perfectly straight, you can see in the photo I posted of the Mopar filter that it doesn't look anything like what I pulled out.