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Thread: Dynatrac CODE1 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Hitting the Trails at EJS 2018

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    If only that color was an option, or at least bring back Rescue Green, one of my favorite Jeep colors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynatrac View Post
    Taken us some time to get caught up after a great week (and then some!) in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari. We took thousands of photos from the trails (no joke, it was THOUSANDS) and pulled a few to share with everyone on the forums. We'll post some more as we continue sorting through everything, and look forward to seeing some pics of everyone's rigs out on the Moab trails.

    Attachment 1980

    Attachment 1981

    Attachment 1982

    Attachment 1977

    Attachment 1978

    Attachment 1979
    Looks great Tony. Leave it up to you to be the first to build the JL with 40's plus (I forgot what size they were).
    Next year we all need (you, Eddie, and Cindy) to go on a run together.

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