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  1. Sdhobbs

    Sidewinder Trail - Corral Canyon CA

    Wife and I had a great time on this trail, we were kicking ourselves for not going sooner since it's pretty close to us. There is another trail called Bronco Peak in this same area that we want to try next time, it's a bit harder but looks pretty fun!
  2. Sdhobbs

    Gold Mountain Trail - Big Bear CA

    My wife and I took our JL on the Gold Mountain Trail in Big Bear for the first time. Has been a few years since we last ran it in our old JK and we found it a bit more challenging with the new gate keeper and sections being more rutted out. Last part is of Little John Bull. We were planning...
  3. Sdhobbs

    Noisy rear suspension - EVO lift

    I just recently had a 3.5 EVO Enforcer Stage 3 Plus lift installed with Rancho RS9000XL shocks on my JLUR, drives great but rear suspension makes creaking noises at slow speeds when turning and weight shifts to one side or the other also going over speed bumps. EVO rear trackbar relocation...
  4. Sdhobbs

    Wave from Del Mar, CA

    Traded in my 2013 JKUR 6 speed for a shiny new 2020 JLUR 3.6 auto. Look forward to new adventures and being part of this great community! Sent from my iPad using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app