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  1. ddays v2

    JT made Car & Driver's 10Best list

    That's a pretty big deal. Finally some recognition that while Jeeps are not sports cars and certainly have their on-road idiosyncrasies, they more than make up for that with their awesome off-road capabilities. Congrats Jeep! :thumb:
  2. ddays v2

    Trail Wildlife

    Have one of these threads over on Wayalife and it's really cool to see some of the wildlife we get to encounter while out on the trail. Led a small group of Jeeps this weekend near Benezette, Pa on a trail run and came around a bend on a shelf road only to see these in the middle of it. Always...
  3. ddays v2

    Badger JL

    Well, he's finally here. Badger JL. Picked him up this morning and put a couple hundred miles on him already. Got some mud on the tires on a few trails behind my house and a trip through a State Park to christen all the 4WD goodies. :thumb:
  4. ddays v2

    Wrangler Loyalty offer

    Anyone else get one of these in the mail? Pretty sweet - $1000 off. :cool: Came just in time for me - New JL is gonna be here before the end of January!
  5. ddays v2

    D Ring mounts anyone?

    Are there any options for adding D ring mounts anyone has come across? I ordered the steel bumpers, and while there are the hooks, there isn't anyplace to mount D rings. I came across Maximus 3 mounts for the front, but the damn things are $219 a pair. Anyone have any others they've found?
  6. ddays v2

    Gruff JK will have a new garage mate

    Ordered up today: Gruff JL Wife took the test drive this weekend and was sold so here we go!
  7. ddays v2

    Aftermarket LED Headlights

    I've searched and maybe missed the answer, but is there some reason there are virtually no aftermarket headlights for the JL? Not too keen on dropping $1k+ for the LED package - that's pretty damn close to what my Dynatrac lift is gonna cost. I would think this would be one of the first popular...
  8. ddays v2

    Got the bug!

    Took this JL for a test drive at my dealership Saturday. I have to say I'm really impressed with everything about these. The ride is excellent, it's quiet, handles great, and I love the 8 speed tranny. This is going to be my next DD so I'll likely keep mods to a minimum (:cheesy:), maybe 35"...
  9. ddays v2

    Concepts at 2018 EJS?

    Is Jeep bringing concepts to EJS this year? The interwebs have been strangely silent on anything so far and its a only month away :thinking:...
  10. ddays v2

    Motor Trend online review

    Interesting review. Actually coming from Motor Trend its pretty good, considering they are primarily car guys. Funny, I don't consider the V6 gutless though. I'm really looking forward to hearing anyone's...
  11. ddays v2

    Wave from Darlington, Pa!

    LOL, finally found my password from when I joined in August! :rolleyes2: :standing wave: