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    Refrigerator / Using the rear cigarette lighter socket.

    I do have the Aux switches, three are already in use- could wire up a new socket for the last one. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Refrigerator / Using the rear cigarette lighter socket.

    I have a "EUHOMY" 45L fridge. Bought on Amazon for $250 two weeks ago. Same fridge seems to be branded by several different companies (all made in China).
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    Refrigerator / Using the rear cigarette lighter socket.

    Perhaps the best approach would be to wire in a new socket with a larger wire size. I can leave the factory plug for other use. Anyone done this yet and if so, did you go directly to the battery or is there an open fuse I should tap into? (JL sport seems to have fuses for heated and powered...
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    Refrigerator / Using the rear cigarette lighter socket.

    Thanks for the response. 10ga is a bit extreme for a socket limited to 15amps but depending on the fridge it might be needed. When my fridge is running , it draws about 40-45 watts which would be less than 4 amps (W / V = A). I'd suspect that the factory wiring is 12 or 14ga so it should be...
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    Refrigerator / Using the rear cigarette lighter socket.

    On my 2019 JL- Can anyone tell me if the Cig Socket runs off the main or aux battery when the Jeep is off? I suspect it runs off the aux battery but want to know for sure. We are getting ready for a camping / off-roading trip to Ouray CO so I'm testing out the new camping fridge. With the...
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    The Ultimate TRUE TIRE SIZE Database

    Toyo Open Country ATIII, 285/75-17 on KMC Dirty Harry wheels. 93 lbs on the scale at 32PSI, 32-7/8" tall to outside lug. 33.25" for spedo calibration.
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    1st leak after 2000 miles

    I came out to the Jeep this weekend and found oil under my rear passenger shock. I'm probably going to take it in but will wait for a few more miles and do a tire rotation and oil change all at the same time. Anyone else had a shock fail? 2019 JLU Sport
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    Hard Top Rear Window Leak- 19' JL

    This seems like it could be a common issue but I haven't really heard anyone else mention it. If I leave the back of my Jeep on the uphill side of my driveway, I get a leak down the inside of the window. I only noticed it as the rear wiper wasn't cleaning off the drips. I looked at the window...
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    JL SPORT - No alarm system?

    I've recently bought my 1st Jeep, a 2019 Sport. After a few weeks of ownership I have found myself thinking that anyone could pop my hood and disable the vehical or even steal parts. This concern will increase as I add modify the Jeep over time. If I had the lock button on my Fob, I wonder if...
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    New JL purchase - Any suggestions?

    Here's a picture of my new baby. It's pretty basic- 3.6, Hard Top, Limited Slip, Tow and Electrical Package, and SeriusXM (which I actually might grow to like). Let the Midlife crisis begin. I'm going to pace myself on the build up as the wife was pretty good to even let me buy this right...
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    New JL purchase - Any suggestions?

    I just put some money down to hold a 2019 JL Sport, 3.6, Hard Top, Tow Package, and Limited Slip Rear. I should pick it up next week. The only option this jeep has that I didn't want is Sirius XM. Before I sign the papers, can the dealer take this off? Is it a hardware upgrade from the base...