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  1. LauraRose

    Your jl, plus the sun, moon & stars!

    I enjoy pictures of JLs AND pictures of the sunset, sunrise, moon & stars. I searched JLWrangler & couldn't find any specific place here to post pictures like this. If there already is a place, please let me know, otherwise please share pictures of your JL with a sunset, sunrise moon or stars...
  2. LauraRose

    New Step Sliders

    Worked all weekend installing Rock Slide Engineering's step sliders for my JL. I thought It'd be a good "first mod", as I'm vertically challenged and plan to lift my JL, lol. Laura Rose from PA
  3. LauraRose

    Get'n Stickered-Up!

    The first sticker on my JL! I love the way it looks. Thanks Eddie & Cindy! Laura Rose from PA
  4. LauraRose

    Pebbles & debris caught between fender fares & body of JL

    Has anyone else experienced having pebbles or other debris caught in the groove between the fender flare and the body of their JL? The debris gets tightly wedged, and is difficult to remove. I had to gently separate the fender fare from the body and side a thin firm piece of plastic through...
  5. LauraRose

    1st Mud

    1st taste of mud for my JL! Laura Rose from PA
  6. LauraRose

    JL Front Bumper

    My JL in all its "stubified" glory, lol Laura Rose from PA
  7. LauraRose

    My new JL! :-)

    Ordered 01/08/2018, delivered 02/2p/2018... not to bad, but seemed like forever. Also got the all-season floor mats like Cindy & Eddie feature in their most recent video. Laura Rose [emoji111] Laura Rose from PA