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    Refrigerator / Using the rear cigarette lighter socket.

    On my 2019 JL- Can anyone tell me if the Cig Socket runs off the main or aux battery when the Jeep is off? I suspect it runs off the aux battery but want to know for sure. We are getting ready for a camping / off-roading trip to Ouray CO so I'm testing out the new camping fridge. With the...
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    1st leak after 2000 miles

    I came out to the Jeep this weekend and found oil under my rear passenger shock. I'm probably going to take it in but will wait for a few more miles and do a tire rotation and oil change all at the same time. Anyone else had a shock fail? 2019 JLU Sport
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    Hard Top Rear Window Leak- 19' JL

    This seems like it could be a common issue but I haven't really heard anyone else mention it. If I leave the back of my Jeep on the uphill side of my driveway, I get a leak down the inside of the window. I only noticed it as the rear wiper wasn't cleaning off the drips. I looked at the window...
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    JL SPORT - No alarm system?

    I've recently bought my 1st Jeep, a 2019 Sport. After a few weeks of ownership I have found myself thinking that anyone could pop my hood and disable the vehical or even steal parts. This concern will increase as I add modify the Jeep over time. If I had the lock button on my Fob, I wonder if...
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    New JL purchase - Any suggestions?

    I just put some money down to hold a 2019 JL Sport, 3.6, Hard Top, Tow Package, and Limited Slip Rear. I should pick it up next week. The only option this jeep has that I didn't want is Sirius XM. Before I sign the papers, can the dealer take this off? Is it a hardware upgrade from the base...