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  1. scoobycarolanNC

    Spicer Dana 30 Chromo front shafts

    I never got these installed before I traded my JL in and my JT has Dana 44s. These are Dana 30 Chromoly front shafts. For use WITH the fad, you get the full drivers side and the outer passenger shaft. They have 1350 u-joints which is why I bought em. They are totally new. $700 and I pay...
  2. scoobycarolanNC

    Dynomax Muffler delete 3.6l

    Cleaning out my garage after I traded the JL for a JT. Dynomax 39537 muffler delete pipe for the 3.6l JL with an extra rubber hangar (which is most of the install work 😂). $75 I pay shipping.
  3. scoobycarolanNC

    Mastertop Red Shademaker

    Cleaning out the garage. Perfect condition only ran it for a bit. Red. $35 and I pay the shipping.
  4. scoobycarolanNC

    Here’s to ol Beer Run!!

    Well fellas, my 2018 Sahara “Beer Run” was a hell of a rig. But being a man means you have cravings & sometimes they can’t be fought off. I knew I was in trouble when I took a drive-by yesterday & this new girl caught my eye. I took it for a test drive & you can see by the redneck paint job I...
  5. scoobycarolanNC

    Dana 186 Chromoly Shaft Install

    I ordered a set of Dana Spicer front chromoly shafts I’m going to install next weekend. Ive watched Eddies old video off Rubicat & some others. I’m NOT deleting the FAD. Here’s some questions: I’m assuming everything is dry in the axle. Should I lithium grease where the inner & outer side of...
  6. scoobycarolanNC

    Synergy 2” springs installed & I love them!

    I just upgraded from my spacers to the Synergy 2” springs. Wow what a huge difference! I am also running fox shocks but damn the ride is night and day different. They are about an inch taller on my Sahara so they’re more like 3”. The fronts don’t bow at all because they flat grind the bottoms &...
  7. scoobycarolanNC

    Gladiator vs Wrangler Steering

    Morning y’all! I’m a very happy guy in my JL, but F me if a punkin orange Gladiator rubicon didn’t catch my eye at the dealer. They’ve got a gator Mohave too, but the Rubi’s got almost $5K knocked off the sticker. Am I gonna end up with the JL dead spot in my steering & the highway shake or is...
  8. scoobycarolanNC

    Oil catch can?

    Ever since I found oil in my air intake I’ve been thinking about adding a catch can to the PCV. Any thoughts?
  9. scoobycarolanNC

    What to do after the engine is submerged?

    I dumped the diffs and the breather tubes for the transfer case and transmission looked fine so I let those be. Engine oil is looking good, but then there's this.... well, thats water... And that's mud in the air box (air filter didn't have any signs of mud though?)... And that's oil in...
  10. scoobycarolanNC

    What to do after the engine is submerged?

    Hey y’all, Went muddin out in the woods yesterday & hit one hole so deep it splashed mud over the hood. She didn’t hydrolock, but there was a ton of smoke & a burning rubber smell. Oil looks clean today & the smoking stopped after a while. Here’s what I plan to do, but anyone got any other...
  11. scoobycarolanNC

    The CB Channel Thread

    All these CBs installed on jeeps and nobody talks! I'm going to start leaving channel 4 on. Scooby in Raleigh, NC
  12. scoobycarolanNC

    Best bolt markers

    Last time I went though my suspension and torqued everything I used a gold paint marker to mark my bolts. It ran all over or flaked off. What kind should I buy?
  13. scoobycarolanNC

    Swapping spacers for synergy spring

    I’m only running 33s so I’ve been getting along nicely running AEV spacers, but I swapped to fox shocks. Now I’m considering putting synergy’s 2” springs in and I’m wondering if anyone’s running them. Any other 2” springs I should consider? Ranches and Evos will be too tall I think. I have a...
  14. scoobycarolanNC

    Both stock track bars gone = new Jeep!

    So about a week ago I installed my new Synergy front track bar and ditched the stock one. It made such a difference in road vibration & handling that I just replaced the rear too. It’s like a whole new Jeep. Every pothole, driveway crack, railroad track, and other little annoyance that would...
  15. scoobycarolanNC

    Front track bar bolt wallowed

    Hey y’all! Santa brought me a synergy front track bar & I installed it today. The OEM was still fully torqued from when I did my lift a few months back. When I got it off I could tell the bolt hole was slightly wallowed out or oblong. I had loosened it and torqued during the install and I...
  16. scoobycarolanNC

    eyeroll......Saw this yesterday

    I have an auto. It only happened once and I had a good laugh thinking about it. She fired right up like normal.
  17. scoobycarolanNC

    How do I tell if I have a flat spot?

    BFG KM3s 285/70r18: I have this annoying bounce in the rear like I have an out of balance tire. I’ve gone back over my lift & had Discount tire rebalance and rotate. I’ve locked the brakes up 2-3 times and although ABS kicked in I heard a skreetch and enjoyed the look in the rear view ahead of...
  18. scoobycarolanNC

    Help using my alignment sheets to fix steering.

    Hey everyone, Since adding a 2” spacer, 33” tires, and the control arms from the mopar 2” lift I still just can’t get my steering feeling as great as it did. Honestly, it was perfect after I had my steering box replaced & a dealer alignment. No wandering up to 80-85mph & hands off the dead...
  19. scoobycarolanNC

    AEV 2" spacer lift install (and lots of advice)

    Been meaning to write this up so it gets saved for someone else and I keep chiming in on other threads. It's been a month since I installed the AEV 2' spacer lift (budget boost) on my 2018 Sahara and I've wheeled it and took a road trip across North Carolina so its time. This'll be geared...
  20. scoobycarolanNC

    Here's how to remove the JLs upper sway bar links

    I'm just posting this up in case some unlucky soul (like me) can't figure out how to keep their upper sway bar bolts from spinning when they try to take them off. This picture would have saved me a lot of grief. Thats a 6mm Allen key in the end of the bolt, you can't get vice grips on that lil...