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  1. Cozdude

    WRITE-UP : JL WRANGLER 2.5" EVO Stage 4 Boost Lift & Control Arms INSTALLATION

    Yes that is an easy way to do it to grease that joint. Torque spec is just the factory spec which is 120 I believe. Reference the torque spec chart on here for actual spec
  2. Cozdude

    How big on 3.45 Gears

    Yup. Sport S JLU
  3. Cozdude

    How big on 3.45 Gears

    I am running 37’s on mine. You lose 8th gear completely and 7th most of the time. We still cruise down the highway tho and get about 18-20 mpg
  4. Cozdude

    JL Wrangler AXLES - Dana M186 & M210 Front / M200 & M220 Rear

    So the 186 is essentially a d30 and the 200 is a d35? If so hope they don’t snap with my 37’s. Wanna throw gears in them but idk if it’s worth it now and if I should find some Rubi axles
  5. Cozdude

    Jeep Wave to all from Pennsylvania

    Congrats and welcome from West Chester!
  6. Cozdude

    Sport to Rubi fenders

    Hey everyone! So I have a 20 sport with the LED group but it has halogen lights in the fenders. I want to swap out the sport fenders for rubicon fenders with the LEDs for clearance purposes. Will I need any additional harnesses to make the LEDs plug and play? I already have the tazer so turning...
  7. Cozdude

    Build of Ruthless

    Finally flexed out Ruth a little bit. Had some snow piles that I could get on. Didn’t disconnect the front but was curious about the rear. Really need to get rubicon fenders on Ruth before I wheel her. I wasn’t even fully stuffed. Still had plenty of bump stop
  8. Cozdude

    JL Steering Gear

    Here you can see it on the label on my new box. Ends in AA
  9. Cozdude


    WRITE-UP : TAZER JL Programmer for JL WRANGLER / INSTALLATION & HOW TO USE Has anyone run into the issue of the radio not working when leaving the tazer installed for the live features? For the last month my radio will be blank and not work. Today I disconnected my tazer (just unplug not...
  10. Cozdude

    Preparation for 37's

    Here is my 2” rancho kit on my 20 sport. Sits perfectly. With a Rubi you will have plenty of room. I suggest synergy steering upgrades for sure. For gears I think 4.88 is a good choice. Will give you plenty of gear to get 8th back when on the highway
  11. Cozdude

    Build of Ruthless

    All lifted finally!
  12. Cozdude

    The Beer Thread

    Some of the tree house beers I have drank so far from my mixed case Alter Ego - DIPA- 6.8% Beginners Mind- DIPA - 8.2% Lights on- APA - 5.6% Summer-DIPA- 8.1% Super Typhoon - DIPA - 7.7% Bright Citra - DIPA -7.8%
  13. Cozdude

    Jeep Easter eggs, lets see them.

    So when I was installing the lift of my friends Jeep yesterday I needed to disconnect the front driveshaft to get enough droop. Well in the process I saw this on the driveshaft So then I went to the rear ..... There too!!! Looks like they use the Jeep grill and the yellow dot on the flange as...
  14. Cozdude

    Where did your jeep take you this week?

    Ruth took morgan and I up to Boston for the weekend. Explored the city and bounced around a few brewery’s. Stopped at Trillium, harpoon, DownEast cider, and stopped at Tree House on our way home.
  15. Cozdude

    Build of Ruthless

    All mounted and balanced! Just need the rancho 2” lift to show up now
  16. Cozdude

    The Beer Thread

    Some evergrain from today
  17. Cozdude

    Build of Ruthless

    Wheels showed up today! Method 305’s!
  18. Cozdude

    Build of Ruthless

    This was supposed to be a “slow” build cause we are getting married this year but that changed real quick. Over the weekend parts started getting ordered. Today the first of those started to arrived. 37” ridge grapplers And a Tazer lite
  19. Cozdude

    Build of Ruthless

    First mod was easy to decide on. It had to be a mesh shade of some sort. So I made a thread here and asked for opinions. In the end we decided to go with spiderweb shade. We love the product on my jk and knew it was a top choice for Ruth.